Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's your room decor style?

Ruby and I are big fans of decorating our rooms with fun colors and styles. We especially love shopping at Target and Pottery Barn Teen. :) They have a mix of inexpensive and costly items, all with great quality and the *best* color schemes imaginable.

This weekend, Ruby got a white dresser from Target and bought adorable dottie knobs from PBT to replace the dresser's boring silver ones.

She got 14 knobs in espresso, purple, pink and pool blue. They. Are. So. Pretty. They'll add a gorge splash of color to the dresser. We'll post a pic when it's complete!

What are your decoration styles/color schemes for your room?

Mine is coffee brown and light pink. Also, pics to come in the future. :)

We want to know about your room style! Share away!


  1. I'm a complete antique nut! Especially the early 1900's Art Nouveau style. A few years ago I had the chance to purchase a sweet antique bedroom set, and I've been slowly collecting other objects from that era to fit my room. The colors I have it decked out in are dark blues and breezy greens :)

  2. My room is is fun summery colors like lime green and some shades of pink and pua bright turquoiserple. my sheets and pillow are lime green and my other pillow sais peace love and earth all over it in shades of blue pink and green. my comforter is covered in black, fusia, purple, white, and blue HUGE polka dots. Luv it! But my friend Caleighs room is espresso brown with turquoise. SO. PRETTY. Half the wall is turquoise then there is a white wooden line thing you put on walls ( I hope you know what I'm talking about) then the rest of her wall is brown. she have she has. her (SUPERLONG) dresser is mocha brown. she also has a desk with her laptop and stuff. we also share a glitterpen collection. theres like, forty five different colors in it. she also has this leather bed with decorative pillows with shades of brown from carmel latte to dark cholate brown. the she has like four or five turquoise pillows in there. I love it because it's sophisticated, while still looking girly and our age,11.

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